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Willy's Rollover Plate Kit - 4 Barrel Carb

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NEW for 2017! 

Safety first!  Willy's Rollover Plate is the first of its kind.  In the event of a rollover, this plate blocks fuel from escaping the vent tube and air bleed channels when the carb is turned over.  By blocking these channels, the opportunity of carburetor fuel leaks and fire are greatly reduced.

The plate is constructed of aircraft quality billet aluminum and stainless steel.  These quality materials are selected to provide years of protection.  To use, install the plate between the carb body and the metering block.

The 4-Barrel Kit includes:

(2) WCD4000 Rollover Plate Kits includes 2 plates, 8 bowl screws with gaskets, 2 metering block gaskets, and 2 pump arms

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Rollover plates

Just installed these on a quickfuel 750 that we use for offroad racing. Did a before and aft test, wow. What a difference. Definitely recommend them. Justin reese
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