ICT Carburetor

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Willy's Carburetor and Dyno Shop, LLC is proud to introduce one of most innovative products EVER! The NEW Willy's I.C.T. (Individual Cylinder Tuning) carburetor. This carburetor's state of the art, Patent Pending booster design offers the ability to adjust the air-fuel mixture for each cylinder with a simple booster change.


 The design increases air flow and signal which helps atomize the fuel to burn more efficiently. Ultimately, it produces more torque, horsepower, acceleration rate, and increase the longevity of the engine. Through extensive research and development of this new unit on the dyno and during track testing, we have been able to use a smaller carburetor and achieve the same air flow as larger carburetors.

This is something that has NEVER been able to be accomplished before and is truly a game changer! The Willy's I.C.T. Carburetor combined with our Willy’s Super Bowl system will give the racer a complete billet aluminum carburetor with performance advantages that are second to none!

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