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Adjustable Restrictor Plate

SKU: WCD8850

This restrictor is a 1” tall shutter type plate that allows the racer to dial custom torque and horsepower curves to specific track conditions. Fully o-ringed CNC machined billet aluminum construction. Adjustable from 1.750” to 1.000”with 18 turns of adjustment.

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Adjustable Restrictor Plate

We tested the adj. res. plate this past Sunday. We started @ 6.90 (1/8th mile) full open. At half closed we went 6.97, 3/4 closed 7.12 & full closed 7.18. Basically the plate slowed us 3 tenths. We were hoping for about 5 tenths. This will be great for some of our index racing dail-in. The products show to be well made. Thanks Donald Powell Donald Powell
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